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    31 products
    Lamb & Rosemary [600g/1.2kg] DF
    from £12.75
    frozen cook food thai green chicken curry
    Thai Green Chicken Curry [600g/1.2kg] DF/GF
    from £10.75
    Coq au Vin [1.2kg] DF/GF
    Frozen cook food red wine sauce
    Red wine and onion gravy [350g/1.2kg] DF/GF
    from £4.25
    Boeuf Bourguignon [600g/1.2kg] DF/GF
    from £12.50
    Chilli Con Carne [600g/1.2kg] DF/GF
    from £8.50
    Meatballs in Marinara Sauce [1.2kg] DF
    Butternut & Sage Soup [1.2 kg] DF/VE/GF
    frozen cook food vegetable katsu curry
    Vegetable Katsu Curry [600g/1.2kg] DF/VE/GF
    from £7.50
    Vegan Fusion Box [3 x 1.2kg]
    Thai Red Vegetable Curry [600g/1.2kg] DF/VE/GF
    from £9.75
    Frozen cook food saffron chicken apricot & chickpea tangine
    Chicken Lemon & Chickpea Tagine [600g/1.2kg]
    from £9.25
    Frozen cook food provencale chicken
    Provençale Chicken [1.2kg] DF/GF
    Lentil Dhal [600g/1.2kg] DF/VE/GF
    from £5.00
    French Box [3 x 1.2kg]
    frozen cook food vegan bolognese
    Vegan Bolognese Sauce [600g/1.2kg] VE
    from £6.75
    Mexican Bean Chilli Non Carne [600g /1.2kg] DF/VE/GF
    from £6.25
    Salsiccia Ragu [600g /1.2kg] DF/GF
    from £9.25
    Chicken Satay [600g/1.2kg] DF/GF
    from £10.00
    Carrot, Ginger & Turmeric Soup [600g/1.2kg] DF/VE/GF
    from £4.25
    Minestrone Soup [1.2kg] DF/VE/GF
    Massaman Vegetable Curry [600g/1.2kg] DF/VE/GF
    from £6.75
    Massaman Chicken Curry [1.2kg] DF/GF
    Keralan Vegetable Curry [600g /1.2kg] DF/VE/GF
    from £7.00
    Jackfruit Penang Curry [1.2kg] DF/VE/GF
    Vegan Box [3 x 1.2kg]
    Thai Box [3 x 1.2kg]
    Vegan Soup Box [3 x 1.2kg]
    Bolognese Sauce [600g/1.2kg] DF/GF
    from £8.00
    Beef Box [3 x 1.2kg]
    Buy-One-Get-One-Free Bang Bang Sauce [350g] DF/VE/GF
    Sale price £4.75 Regular price £9.00 Save £4.25
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