Spicy N’duja Ragu with gnocchi

Kate Brooke GreenFebruary 23, 2021

Spice up your next cooking adventure with some tasty N’duja, a piquant spreadable sausage originating from the southern part of Italy, known as Calabria. N’duja is a peppery combination of pork fat, fragrant herbs, spices and the hero ingredient, Calabrian peppers which give the N’duja its typical hot chilli flavour...

Chilli Beef Burritos: Your working-from-home lunch solution!

Kate Brooke GreenSeptember 21, 2020

If you find yourself working increasingly from home during these very strange times, you may be craving some of the more exciting desktop lunches you enjoyed when you were in the office.

Chicken, Leek & Mushroom Pie – comfort food at its best!

Kate Brooke GreenSeptember 17, 2020

As the last few memories of summer slowly dwindles away, autumn knocks persistently on our doors. . The weather presents itself like a game of cat and mouse. Leaving the house has become  a five-minute deliberation of “umbrella or no umbrella, light jacket or heavier jacket”! Make your family and...

Spicy Korean Cauliflower Wings, Miso Mayo Dip

Kate Brooke GreenSeptember 01, 2020

Satisfy the taste buds of your vegan guests with this delectable, tangy Korean cauliflower wings recipe. They are lightly coated in a crisp batter, double-baked and smothered in a sweet, spicy Korean Gochujang Sauce sold within our Dipping Sauce Box. These wings are finger-licking good and as they are baked, they...