Mustard Foods’ partnerships of compassion

by James Durrant

Since the inception of the national lockdown in the UK with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mustard Foods has been actively involved in supporting the community. 

Understanding the devastating effect of a lockdown on homeless people, Mustard Foods, with the financial support of CriticalNHS, has been providing delicious meals to a variety of vulnerable groups. One such group is the homeless people temporarily based at the Putney Hotel, a project pioneered by the PLOD Foundation

The Putney Hotel project has been active for the past 6 months and over 60 homeless individuals, including bereaved children and refugees, have been comforted with nutritious, tasty meals on a daily basis. 

Some of the flavoursome meals Mustard Foods provides to the individuals at the Putney Hotel include Massaman Chicken Curry, a  super nourishing Thai dish; as well as a slow-cooked beef Bolognese which is a classic meal filled with so much goodness. We also provide Chilli Con Carne, a tantalising meal packed with nutrients; and not to forget about our creamy smooth Mac and Cheese, and so many more. 

“We are very grateful to be part of this project. When true compassion forms an integral part of our existence, we can be a catalyst of change in our community.” - James Durrant, Mustard Foods Co-Founder and Director. 

Mustard Family Foods would like to express a massive thank you  to CriticalNhs for their financial support during this time making it possible to prepare these meals.


“We always wanted to make sure that the money we raised went to where it was needed most. Partnering with Mustard Foods has enabled us to extend a hand of compassion with a hot meal to a variety of vulnerable groups during the pandemic” – Janneke Diemel of Critical NHS.

As the world is slowly returning to a “new normal” the Putney Hotel project initiated by the PLOD Foundation will be taken over by the City Council on the 27th of September 2020.