New Caribbean Chicken Curry

by Nikita Singh

Have you tried our new Caribbean Chicken Curry?

Following the immense popularity of our Caribbean Sweet Potato Stew, Mustard Foods has developed an equally delicious and comforting Caribbean Chicken Curry with cubes of tender boneless chicken thigh and potatoes. 

caribbean chicken curry

This vibrant and versatile curry starts with our cooks gently sautéing the aromatics and spices in oil. We add cubes of higher welfare boneless chicken thigh before stirring in mango and habanero puree for a delicate balance of sweet and spice in the sauce. Diced potatoes are added towards the end of cooking to retain their shape and texture, and the curry is finished with coconut milk for a creamy and silky sauce. 

Caribbean Chicken Curry is a mild and versatile stew that's dairy and gluten free. While it takes us hours to source the finest ingredients, temper the spices, and simmer the sauce, it takes you just minutes to heat and serve. Our restaurant-quality meals are perfect for busy weeknight dinners, one portion feeds 4 - 5 people. 

Serving suggestions

  • Serve with plain basmati rice, herbed rice, or creamy coconut rice and peas
  • Add a lightly toasted flatbread alongside the rice
  • For a lighter lunch option, serve with a fresh mango avocado salsa

Easy to prepare

  • Defrost in the fridge overnight.
  • Pour into a saucepan and bring to a simmer over low heat, stirring occasionally until piping hot.