National Vegetarian Week 2023 – Get Involved!

by Nikita Singh

sweet potato curry

National Vegetarian Week runs from 15 - 21 May, 2023. This how you can get involved to cut carbon and drive change.

What is National Vegetarian Week? 

National Vegetarian Week highlights the benefits of eating less meat – for the health of the planet and our bodies.

Plant-based food has a much lower carbon footprint, so eating more plants is one thing we can all do to help reduce our environmental impact. 

The amount of carbon saved by your veggie dinner can be the same as driving long distances in a car, so can make a difference with just one week of veggie meals! 

How can you get involved? 

You can sign up at for helpful nutritional information and to calculate your carbon savings. 

Or you and your family can simply eat less meat at home. Switch chicken curry for a cauliflower one, or top your jacket potato with cheese and lentils instead of mince. You don't need to change your entire diet, just make a few simple changes to make a big impact.  

But what will I make for dinner?

We've got you covered! Mustard has prepared a handy meal planner to guide you through the week. Mix and match your favourite vegetarian meals (or the ones your kids will actually eat!) Download our meal planner for a full week's worth of easy vegetarian recipes.