Frozen Family BEEF Box [3 x 1.2kg, Serves 4-5 each]


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Bolognese [1.2kg / Serves 4-5] DF/GF
Slow-cooked beef Bolognese in a rich tomato ragu with garlic, basil and oregano.

Beef Bourguignon [1.2kg / Serves 4-5] DF/GF
Tender British beef and smoked bacon lardons, marinated in red wine, thyme and rosemary and slowly braised until tender with carrots, button mushrooms and baby onions.

Chilli Con Carne [1.2kg / Serves 4-5] DF/GF
Slow-cooked ground beef and black beans in our guajillo and ancho chilli mole, with a hint of cinnamon and bitter chocolate.