Pork Bao Restaurant DIY Kit [Serves 4-5]


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Our DIY Pork Bao Bun Restaurant Kit delivered to your front door. Ideal for any occasion; date nights, birthdays and anniversaries - feast for 2/3 meal for 4/5. 12 soft fluffy Bao buns stuffed with slow cooked British pork belly finished with pickled cucumbers and our Spicy Korean Sauce.

What's in the Kit?
- 12 buns
- 750g slow cooked pork belly
- 350g pickled cucumbers
- 350g Mustard Foods Spicy Korean sauce

Preparation Time
20-25 minutes

Pork Belly [750g] DF/GF
British pork belly slow cooked for 5 hours until the meat is succulent and tender.

Spicy Korean Sauce [350g] DF/VE/GF/V
Spicy, sweet and sticky Korean sauce.

Pickled Cucumber [350g] DF/GF/VE/V
Bread and butter pickles.

12 Bao Buns DF/VE/V